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Choosing the right workout & coach.

Choosing a workout and a coach that is suitable for you is a key factor in your health and fitness journey. Being a martial arts and fitness coach myself I know that I play a vital role in keeping my clients on track with their goals. If I don't know what I am doing then how can I help them!

Here are some of my tips for finding that perfect workout and coach for you;

Tip One - Are the coaches trained?

This is perhaps the most important thing. Make sure they actually know what they are doing!

I see so many 'coaches' on the scene now that haven't had any training. Running a fitness class isn't a case of turning up and asking people to perform exercises, it has to be planned to make sure that firstly people will feel the benefits of the workout but also to prevent injury. Professionally trained coaches have spent thousands of pounds and probably an equal amount of hours studying and being taught the practices that ensure clients get the most out of the workouts, and to ensure safety for all participants. I'll be honest I could rant on about this topic for pages and pages, but I will summarise instead. When you find a class ask about the coach. Where they trained? What they are trained in? Are they insured? At the end of the day if you are parting with your time and money you want to know that long term it will benefit you and not that you are paying someone who is ultimately just wasting your time.

Tip Two - Step outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes you just need to try something to see if you like it or if you don't! You quite literally don't know until you try. For me learning to teach PiYo was massively out of my comfort zone as I am used to kicking and punching things in my workouts. I am so glad that I took the leap of faith and took the course though as it is now one of my favourite classes to teach and my most popular class too. If you aren't ready for classes there are loads of great at home workouts you can try to get you started, then when you are ready you can decide if you want to make that move to attend classes or the gym. You can even persuade your best friend/sibling/parent/partner to come along for the moral support!

Tip Three - Don't let a bad experience put you off.

You have found a QUALIFIED coach (do the capitals show how passionate I am about that word?), you stepped out of your comfort zone and you went for it. You attended the class and it wasn't for you. Maybe you didn't like the coach. Maybe you didn't feel like the workout was hard enough for you. That is absolutely fine. What isn't fine is then not trying something else. There is a workout/class/gym for you somewhere you just have to keep looking for it. Trust me once you find something that ticks all of the boxes you will be hooked in no time and the health and fitness benefits will follow!

If you have questions on what specifically to look for in a qualified coach or you would like some recommendations on classes then send me an email to sld@sionhealthandfitness.com

Happy Searching!


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